Introduction to

Estate123 Cloud
Leads Management

You do not need to sign up for this service. Once you are an Estate123 member, you automatically have the access to this service. When you go to "" via your mobile device. You will be greated with the login page. Just login with your Estate123 credentials.:

After login, you are greeted with the dashboard showing the Leads that you have. Leads are potential customers that you received via the Enquiry function in and also Leads that you added through the "Property Wanted" section.

The number shown in "Your Leads" is the total of Leads that you have, while, the numbers shown in the "My Leads" is the number of active leads that you have not viewed. As long as there are new Leads waiting for your action, there will be number shown. In this example, there are 1 lead waiting for my action.

Click on the My Leads menu and you will be directed to the page to view the leads.

The new leads that have not been viewed will be highlighted in Orange. As long as you have not viewed the leads, it will be highlighted in Orange. The count on the menu is actually showing the number of leads that you have not viewed. In the example below, there are 1 leads unread.

The leads from your Commercial and Residential postings are separated. So click on the Commercial or Residential tab to view leads for different property type.

When clicked on the pending leads, you are directed to the leads information with information such as Property Details, Leads Information, Visitor Information and Activity Update.

The first information is the Property Information. This is the basic information of the property that the Leads is related to.

Next is the Leads Information. This section shows information such as;

  • Date the Leads was received
  • The status of the leads (you can change the status in the next section)
  • Source of this leads, weather it from web enquiry, SMS enquiry or you added from Property Wanted.
  • The date and time you last viewed the enquiry.

Next is the Visitor Information. This information is provided by the visitor when they send you the enquiry. The information here can be updated.

Click on the Green button with the phone number to call the visitor. If the contact number is not in the correct format, you may update the contact, click "Update" and it will be updated.

When you click on the call button (Green button with contact number), depending on the mobile device that you are using, you will be directed to the screen to make the call. This is how it will look like if you are using iPhone.
Android Call
If you are on Android, you will be directed to this screen to call the visitor. Here, you can also add the contact number to the address book if required.

After you call the visitor via the app, the date and time of the call will be automatically recorded in the Activities/Remarks log. This is a transaction log to help you to monitor the activities that you have carried out for the leads.

The Activity Update section allows you to update the status of the lead. After making calls to the visitor, you can update the status of this lead based on the selection below;

  • Arrange for Viewing
  • Closed
  • Ignore
  • KIV
  • More Information Required
  • New
  • Not Interested
  • Uncontactable

The status can be changed at any time and each time you change and update the status, the activities/remarks log will also record down these activities.

It will be helpful especially when you need to track back what was your remarks or update to that leads every time you follow up with the visitor.