How can I help you as a Real Estate Negotiator?  Knowledgeable on what is needed and be able in preparing of the same with care and accurate. (eg. documents needed and steps to be taken in buy/sell of the property.  Act as assistant in “Selling and Buying Price” (advising on whether the property is worth buying).  Ensure that the process starting from documentations, loan, etc. until end of the process is successively in order.  Ensure that the sale and purchase agreement and meeting with intended purchaser/owner of the property is well conducted.  Knowledgeable on the market value, loan entitlement and procedures of the sale and purchase of the property.  Knowledgeable on the current market of the certain areas (high demand, current situation, location, and whether type of property is suitable for the price offered).  Negotiate on the pricing of the property (access on the information eg. value of the property in certain areas, selling price and how long the property has been in the market).  Advising on the expertise in the selling and purchasing procedures:  Banker – expedite on the process of the loan  Valuer – ensure the price is within the market value  Good Lawyer – important to ensure that the processes of the documentation and transfer of the property are well taken care of.  Ready buyer listings So you are able to : Ease your stress on the selling/buying process avoid being cheating by unregistered agent save your time gaining help/support on your queries

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