A Pictorial Guide to the Estate123 iOS App

As you may already know, our Estate123 iOS application was officially launched yesterday! *pops confetti* You can search for Estate123 in the App Store, or download it from this link: http://apple.co/1Mosnk6

estate123 available on app store

Alright, now that you’ve downloaded the Estate123 iOS app on your iPhone or iPad, let me take you on a quick guide – complete with pictures – of the various handy functions and cool features inside!

(You can scroll right to the bottom of the post for a video walkthrough!)

Once you open up the app, you’ll be greeted by our signature purple loading screen.

Easy Access
Existing members of Estate123.com can login with their username and password; alternatively, you can sign in via Facebook, or create an account by registering a few basic details. (No worries, your personal information is protected under the Personal Data Protection Act.) Of course, you can choose to skip the login process and continue browsing the app, but there are some features that require you to login to use. 🙂

estate123 app easy login

Smart View
Our friendly app developers know that Apple devices come with screens of different sizes, so the Smart View system will automatically detect your device settings and show you the best optimum display. Users browsing on their iPhone will see a single column display for properties, while those on the iPad are shown a double column view.

Estate123 iPhone vs iPad view

Location Map
See that purple icon with the tiny house in the center? Tapping on that Location icon will show you that particular property’s location on Apple maps, which not only allows you to see its exact location, but also gives you an idea of the surrounding area.

location icon

Agent Enquiry
Next to the purple Location icon, you’ll see a green Phone icon and a red E-mail icon. Found a property that caught your eye? You can choose to call the agent for a direct query, or use the email icon to contact the agent via email.

agent enquiry buttons

Built-in Calculator
Just like in our Estate123 website, the iOS app comes equipped with a built-in calculator to help you calculate the total payment, total interest, price per sq ft, interest monthly installment and other numbers you’ll need to know. The Caclculator can be accessed via the tab at the bottom of the main page, or by tapping on the blue calculator icon on a listing.

estate123 calculator

Customized Search
We understand the importance of being able to search for properties according to your required specifications, and this is reflected in the Search function of our app! Feel free to customize your property searches by keyword, property type, state, city, district, price, size, for sale or rent, and even by photo availability!

estate123 app search fields

Save Search
Likewise, we know it can be a hassle to keep keying in the criteria each time you perform a property search, so we’ve added a Save Search function so that you can easily access your past searches and see if anything new has been updated. This is a member-only feature, so you will have to sign up as a member – it’s FREE! – in order to save your searches. Once you no longer want to keep a particular search, simply delete it by tapping the recycle bin icon and then the red ‘X’ at the corner of each saved item.

estat123 app save search

estate123 app save search and delete

The up-down arrow icon at the top right corner of the screen allows you to sort your property searches by newest entries, most viewed, and price in descending or ascending order. Online shopping websites have it, so why should property searches be any different? 😛

estate123 app sort function

Quick View Pictures
Once you’ve selected a property to view more information, a main image will be shown at the top of the screen. If there are multiple pictures to view, just tap on the individual thumbnails. Additionally, if you are browsing on your iPhone, you can tap on the main photo to enable larger view and swipe left or right to view more photos.estate123 app photo view

News Updates
Head on over to the More tab (at the bottom right corner), and you’ll be able to access the News section. Here, you can find property news and related articles from our Estate123 Insight page, which is updated daily with news summaries, real estate and investment tips, as well as lifestyle articles and other interesting content.

estate123 app news tab

Now that we’ve gone through the functions available in the Estate123 iOS application, I wish you success in searching for your ideal property more quickly and efficiently. To (sort of) quote The Hunger Games, “May the property search be ever in your favour!

We hope you enjoy using and exploring the various functions available within our iOS app, and we will definitely work to improve and add even more features to help you find the perfect property! 🙂

You can also watch the video below for a quick guide of the functions available in the Estate123 iOS application: