Jazz Up Your Professional Profile with These Facebook Covers!

Need a change for your Facebook profile cover image? Want to let others know you’re in the business of helping them get their property sold?


Well, thanks to the awesome folks at The Lighter Side of Real Estate (we’re big fans!), we’ve discovered some pretty cool images that you can use as your Facebook cover image – be it for your own personal Facebook profile or public page!

keep-calm-get-home-sold-purple keep-calm-get-home-sold-yellow

Our favourites are the purple and orange ones, of course, but there are other colours too! Head over to our Estate123 Facebook page here for more colour options. 😉

KEEP CALM posters not really your thing? No worries!

If you fancy yourself something of a property expert, then maybe these “Real Estate Whisperer” Facebook covers will appeal to you. After all, what real estate agent wouldn’t want to be regarded as the person who understands property so much that he/she (metaphorically) close a deal with just a whisper? 😛

real-estate-whisperer-blue real-estate-whisperer-red

This time, we’re really digging the varsity-styled blue and red covers. Head over here to download your favourite ones. Pick a colour – or even all six – because it’s completely up to you to jazz up you social media profile!

Speaking of profiles, you might want to find out why a good profile picture is an important part of your professional career!

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