Property Investment Tips: Capital Growth (Part 5 of 7)

It is common for most people to perceive that the higher end suburbs offer better investment returns because of the type of clientele who live in those areas. It could be true but this is JUST a myth! There is a high possibility that higher investment returns can be found in areas that you yourself would not stay or even visit.

What are we looking for in a property investment? We are sure you are either looking for huge capital growth, positive cash inflow or both. Therefore, it is important to ask the correct questions before paying your deposit. Talk to the sales team & ask questions & make comparisons. We have to realize that the answers are all in the questions, right?

Also, you may want to consider areas that show high capital growth percentage over a longer term period & not just in the next 12 or 24 months. Hence, it is safer to look for HUGE project which will be implemented over a longer period of time (10-20 years project) as the location or area prosper segment by segment, the chances of higher capital growth is better.

When you look carefully, you will realize that some developers are launching property projects & some are launching property townships. Which one would you select when your objective is to enjoy capital growth?

As property investment is a major investment for most people, let us invest with some facts & some research done. Do ask lots of questions & get correct answers from the correct person. When asking property related questions, suggest you ask people with lots of properties invested & not your neighbors or your hair-dresser!