RSS on Commercial & Residential Property Review (on My Yahoo)

If you notice on the right panel of the main page, there is button labeled “estate123.RSS”. What is RSS? I copied this from the estate123.RSS page; “RSS is a notification system used to alert subscribers to changes made to their favorite web sites, blogs, etc. An RSS feed is a text-based headline with a link, and usually a short summary, that is shot over to you as soon as it leaves your favorite news site’s. If you’re interested in reading the whole article, just click on the RSS feed link, and you will be directed to the full article, simply and efficiently. Think of a feed as being pulled and delivered to you, as opposed to you reaching out to find it.”

Let’s get started on how you can make use of this feature in I am going to show it through the My Yahoo portal. The first screen below shows my customized “My Yahoo” page. This is where we can include the RSS from

Now, to get started, click on the “Add Content” button on that page and you will get the page that shows you the content that you can add to the “My Yahoo” page. Then click on the “Add RSS Feed” button.

Now, you should be directed to the page to add in the RSS link. You may use copy this link for Commercial Property reviews: or this link for residential property reviews: Then click Add.

Once that is done, then you will see the RSS module added to the “My Yahoo” page. Click on the Option button located above the module that you added and you will get a Preference page to configure the module. You can set how many reviews to be displayed on the module and set alerts so that when new reviews is added, you will receive a notification.

Hope this tips is useful to help you to understand the usefullness of the estate123.RSS. You can use this not only on the “My Yahoo” portal. You may also use it on your favourite browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. You can also download other third party software to benefit from this.  Click on this link to view some recommended tools.

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