What is Property Price per-square-foot?

Today, when investing in a property, it’s important to understand and find out the pricing trend of a property based on it’s price per-square-foot. If you notice, the price per-square-foot for a property might fall while the prices of the same property in a particular area may go up. This is mainly because, the price per-square-foot data that you obtain are based on calculation of more then one property. You just need to take the sales price of a property and divide it by the square-foot to get the data. This information will be helpful when you want to estimate the price of a property that you are eyeing at a particular area. Important Note: The average price may sometimes vary based on the condition of the property and if the property are partially or fully furnish.

Estate123.com recently provided this information to it’s users to help them to understand the price per-square-foot based on the property that they view in the website. If you notice, we also changed the display of the property details page to allow our users to easily view the information of the property that they are viewing.

Price Per-Square-Foot Analysis

Price Per-Square-Foot Analysis

In the screenshot above, we learn that the average selling and renting price are RM803 psf and RM2.46 psf respectively for a leasehold Condominium around Jalan Tropicana Utara. The values are calculated based on average of selling or renting price that we obtained from 6 months from the point of viewing the property. This value might varies when it is viewed 1 or 2 months down the road.

Not all the property details in Estate123.com will be available for now because information will be collected as we go but rest assure, slowly and surely, more of the analysis data will be available for your viewing in the near future.