Yield Calculator for Property Investment

Our last article about property investment tips shares about the 4th item to consider when investing in property, Yield! Is Yield important? Of cause it is. There are actually calculators that you can use online to calculate the return that you will be getting from your property investment. They are called Yield Calculator.

What is a yield calculator? A yield calculator calculates the rate of return on an existing financial investment. Any property investment dream is to secure a high yield abode in a location that delivers large capital gains, a strong rental return and low management and maintenance costs.

Yield Calculator

Yield Calculator

Do you know that, there is a yield calculator in Estate123.com that allows you to get the % of Yield from a property that you are investing for? When viewing a property from the property details page in Estate123.com, notice that there is a link called “Yield Calculator” just above the “Neighbourhood Tag” section. You can get the Yield(%) by providing the Rental Per Month & Property Price/Value.

How do you know you are earning from the Yield(%), as shared from our previous article on importance of yield, we are looking for a minimum of 5-6% rental yield, anything lower that 5-6% you are not getting your monies worth.