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4 Most Common Concerns For Landlords When Renting Out Property

(Written by Bella Loo; edited by Laura Lee) Let’s face it: landlords and tenants don’t always have the best relationships. A good – or at least cordial – relationship between a landlord and his/her tenants usually occurs when both parties

[Infographic] Government Low- and Medium-Cost Housing Schemes for First-time Buyers

Homeownership may still be a struggle for young people these days, but the government has taken quite a few measures to address the issue. These include government housing schemes to help prospective homebuyers – especially the first-timers – with the

[Infographic] How To Avoid Property Scammers

Scammers are – unfortunately – way too common nowadays. From online love scams to large-scale real estate cons, scammers are an unscrupulous lot who have no qualms about deceiving people out of their money. Lately, there have been plenty of news about

Top 10 Most Expensive REIT Buildings in Malaysia

(Source: The Malaysian Reserve) Real estate investment trusts (REITs) have been a key investment instrument in the country. For many investors, REITs are among one of the safest bets for their investment portfolios. With consistent returns, rising values and sustainable

[Infographic] 7 Things About Strata Landed Property

When we mention the term strata property, most people will automatically think of condominiums and apartments, but these days, strata landed homes are being introduced in the market. In fact, many landed housing projects within new townships today are built

4 Main Challenges Faced by First-Time Homebuyers

Owning a home is on top of many Malaysians’ wish list, but making that wish into reality can be an overwhelming struggle given that many first-time buyers cannot afford to buy properties, especially in the Klang Valley where there is

[Infographic] 3 Home Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

Infographic designed by Jonah Poh Home renovation is all well and good, because you get to decide on what goes into the design and functions of your home. Be it an open kitchen concept, a jacuzzi in the bathroom, or even a

[Infographic] New Homeowners: Paint or Wallpaper?

Infographic designed by Jonah Poh Calling all new homeowners! You’re excited to move into your new home, but first, you need to make sure the inside is all furnished and decorated. Besides buying furniture, fixtures and the latest high-tech electronics

New Homeowners: Deciding on Paint vs Wallpapers

Written by Jonah Poh Having finally settled the last of your documents and paying off the additional fees, you take a step inside your new home.  Smelling the air of blandness coming from the stark walls, you can’t help but

[Infographic] How To Prevent Robbery When Away From Home

Bet you’ve heard stories from relatives and friends who had their house burgled when they were away, or read news about robberies during the festive season when people balik kampung. Well, we can’t be too careful when leaving the house,