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New Homeowners: Deciding on Paint vs Wallpapers

Written by Jonah Poh Having finally settled the last of your documents and paying off the additional fees, you take a step inside your new home.  Smelling the air of blandness coming from the stark walls, you can’t help but

Pros & Cons of the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail (HSR)

Ah, railway transport. Ever since the ambitious Kuala Lumpur-Singapore high speed rail (HSR) project was brought up in 2013, it has been a hot topic of discussion and debate on both sides of the Causeway. It is said to be


地点、地点、地点!重要的事情要说三遍。可想而知,地点对房地产业是很重要的,不管你是买家还是卖家。当某个地点涉及到附近的坟墓或坟场时,它的价值会因此而受影响吗?在马来西亚和其他亚洲国家,靠近墓地的地产通常都是令人关注的问题,无论你是打算买还是卖。 然而,就像任何其他因房地产而产生的问题,附近是否有坟墓或墓地的地产并没有与其他房地产不一样,总会有其利与弊。本期的Estate123 “This vs That”环节中,我们将看看拥有地产在靠近人们“安息”的地方,有哪些好处(利)和坏处(弊)。 (不喜欢看太多字?不妨看一看这“房地产靠近墓地的利与弊”资料图吧!) For the English version of this article, check out Pros & Cons of Property Near A Cemetery. 坏处(弊) 较低的转售和租金价值 这一点,是当你提到“房子靠近坟场”每个人脑海里必定出现的第一件事。不是每个人都要住在灵魂安息的地方,不管治安多好或环境多安静优美。对许多人来说,住在有坟墓的地方附近是一项很大的禁忌,所以自然地,这些类型的房地产会有较低的转售和出租价值。 较难脱手 除了较低的转售和出租价值,靠近墓地的房地产通常都比较难脱手(卖出去)。这是因为只有少数人会考虑购买这种“不吉祥”的地产 – 毕竟很多社群和文化都觉得坟场是很不吉利的地方,造成这种房地产的买家市场也不大。 风水不好 虽然说西方已经慢慢开始相信建筑风水,但亚洲人还是比较特别关注房地产的风水。所以呢,不管地点多好,只要是有死人的地方,大多数人都不会想拥有这种房地产。 环境污染 多数人都会认为墓场不会造成环境污染(毕竟没人吵闹或乱丢垃圾嘛),但是你可要知道,在埋藏过程中使用的有毒化学物质可能长期引起环境污染和地下水污染。再加上清明节时,来扫墓的人都会焚香烧金纸放鞭炮,也会制造各种污染。 不安的感觉 虽然这算是心理上的不适,但也不能否认,靠近墓地的地方总会有一些幽灵般的气氛,让人觉得不安。有长辈或小孩的家庭,不太适合这种诡异的生活环境吧。 好处(利) 安静和平的生活环境 墓场附近通常都很少人来往,非常安静,这可能就是为什么有些人就是喜欢在较偏僻的墓地附近居住。 对于那些不觉得墓地是问题的人来说,这种地方简直就是世外桃源,邻居不多,杂音也少。 价钱较便宜

Pros & Cons of Property Near A Cemetery

Location, location, location is the name of the game in real estate, and when it comes to property near to a cemetery or graveyard, the situation is usually regarded as grim for those who are trying to sell their home.

Pros & Cons: New Property vs Secondary Property

When it comes to purchasing residential property, do you come across the question of whether to buy new property, or search for secondary property in a specific location? The property market can be divided into two categories: primary market and

7 Questions to Help You Decide to Buy or Rent

Ah, ‘home sweet home’. Even the sound of it is so comfortable and relaxing. For many young working adults, there exists the struggle between renting a place to stay, or buying a place to call home. In the end, many

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We are back with another set of acronyms for you! \( ̄▽ ̄) This time around, we’ll take you through MRTA and MLTA. If you’re not familiar with the terms, you might think they have something to do with public transportation, but they’re

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Remember the time when people either stayed in apartments or hotels? Well, that was a long time ago. Now, just like the blurred lines between SoHo, SoFo and SoVo, the ambiguity of these multi-storey dwellings is on the rise, as

SoHo, SoFo & SoVo: What’s the difference?

              Confused? Let us break it down for you. SoHo → Small-Office-Home-Office Modest in size, SoHo units are popular among young working adults because they are affordable, and function as both home and workplace.