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Space-saving wall storage ideas for your home

Household storage hacks are always useful, even more so when the places we call home are becoming smaller, be it due to budget or location constraints. I mean, that’s how companies like IKEA draw in customers, with their wallet-friendly prices

The 10 Steps of Buying Auction Properties in Malaysia

So, you’re looking to buy a piece of property, and considering the secondary market because of various reasons. You happen to come across an article that says auction properties can be hidden gems, so you browse through the newspaper classifieds

5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Rental Income

As property prices continue to climb and salaries remain largely stagnant, many property owners/landlords are thinking of ways to increase the rentability of their units. While many will consider doing renovations, a new paint job, or even changing furniture and

7 Ways To Use QR Codes For Real Estate

We’ve covered some background history on QR codes, and how it has changed marketing communications. In a time when smartphone apps and instant communication are of utmost importance to obtain property sales leads, the usage of QR codes in the

15 Important Tips When Making A Real Estate Video

We’ve discussed real estate photography and Instagram for real estate agents, but what about real estate videos? With smartphones now being an indispensable part of our everyday lives, property agents have to keep up with the latest technology and trends

Tips for Photos of Lot & Land Listings

It’s been proven that property listings with photos are more likely to get more views and generate leads. We’ve shared with you some useful tips on how to take great real estate photos, but when it comes to photographing vacant

[Part 2/2] Instagram for Real Estate Agents – Videos (and more!)

Check out the previous article about posting photos on Instagram: Instagram for Real Estate Agents – Photos Instagram has evolved to become much more than just a social media app for users to share images. It has become a platform

[Part 1/2] Instagram for Real Estate Agents – Photos

Everybody knows Instagram. With over 300 million daily users and 95 million photos uploaded per day (source), it’s basically the grandfather of all image-sharing apps. Malaysians are extremely avid Instagrammers, posting everything from food to footwear, parties to property listings,

5 Sure-fire Ways To Sell “Hard-to-Sell” Properties in Malaysia

In a previous article, we shared some of the most difficult types of properties to sell in Malaysia. Such “problematic” properties may be tougher to sell, but for experienced agents with a good eye for detail and charismatic personality, paired

6 Ways To “Time Out” With Your Phone

(Sourced from The Star) We’ve all been there. The phone screen flashes, and you automatically glance at it to see what’s the notification. A WhatsApp tone rings, and several people within hearing distance involuntarily reach for their phone. While smartphones