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Landlords share incidents that made them kick out their tenants ASAP

Every landlord’s worst nightmare – besides not being able to rent out their property – is having to deal with horrible tenants that cause trouble and damage the property. You might think you’ve met some nightmare renters, but after reading

Landlords, This is How You Turn Your Home Into a Money-Making Property

Property taxes. Utilities. Mortgage payments. Renovations and repairs. There are all kinds of ways that our homes cost us money. Many of us hope that it will all pay off via capital appreciation in the long run when we sell

Are you still using these easily hacked passwords?

A new report from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has revealed that, 30 years after the birth of the World Wide Web, huge numbers of people still use easily hackable passwords like ‘123456’ and ‘password’ for many of

Be Amazed by the Christmas Decorations in Malaysian Shopping Malls (2018)

Feliz Navidad! (It means Happy Christmas in Spanish.) Christmas is always a time when going to mall feels extra special: the beautiful decorations, the cheerful music, and all the sales and promotions to entice you to buy a little something

Renting Your Property to Pet Owners: Yay or Nay?

It can be quite a hassle screening through potential tenants when you’re a property owner looking to rent out your properties, but when it comes to their pets, would you tread with caution, or view it as a dealbreaker? For

Types of Senior Living in Malaysia

Continuing from last week’s topic on ageing society, we take a further look into senior living and the lifestyles of senior citizens. While most of us tend to generalise senior living places as retirement homes, the reality is that there

Real Talk: Ageing Society & Ageing Population in Asia

You might have read about it in the news, heard the topic being discussed on morning radio programmes, perhaps even given it some thought in relation to your own family or retirement plans. But how much do you really know

Mount Kinabalu enters Lonely Planet’s book of world’s 50 most incredible hikes

Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia’s highest peak in Sabah (also known as “the land below the wind”), has been listed as one of the world’s 50 most incredible hikes in Lonely Planet’s new guidebook on hiking trails around the world. In the

Stories About Walking Into Strangers’ Houses That Will Make You Say ‘What The H***’

It’s not uncommon in for real estate agents to encounter strange, disturbing or even supernatural situations in their line of work, especially because it involves properties that have a long history, or occupants with unusual habits. This time around, we

[Infographic] How To Prevent Robbery When Away From Home

Bet you’ve heard stories from relatives and friends who had their house burgled when they were away, or read news about robberies during the festive season when people balik kampung. Well, we can’t be too careful when leaving the house,