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4 Most Common Concerns For Landlords When Renting Out Property

(Written by Bella Loo; edited by Laura Lee) Let’s face it: landlords and tenants don’t always have the best relationships. A good – or at least cordial – relationship between a landlord and his/her tenants usually occurs when both parties

Common Legal Issues Faced by Real Estate Agents in Malaysia

Being a property agent or real estate negotiator in Malaysia is hard, but with hard work and a willingness to learn, success in the field of real estate isn’t impossible. Honesty, responsibility, credibility, and empathy are just some of the key

Quorans Share Their Worst Tenant Experiences

The internet is full of questions, and more often than not, people answer by sharing their own personal experiences. Be it good, bad, or plain hilarious, these anecdotes serve to remind us that there are other people like us (nearby

Renting Your Property to Pet Owners: Yay or Nay?

It can be quite a hassle screening through potential tenants when you’re a property owner looking to rent out your properties, but when it comes to their pets, would you tread with caution, or view it as a dealbreaker? For

What’s Up in Budget 2019: Analyst Predictions

The highly-anticipated Budget 2019 is due to be announced by Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng this Friday (Nov 2), a little over five months since the new Pakatan Harapan government took power following a surprise election result. With news and

Malaysia Property Market 2H18 Outlook

With the first seven months of the year already done and dusted, we are well into August 2018 and the second half of the year. There have been many changes since the first half, especially with the results of the

Factors Affecting Property Market in Malaysia in 2H2018

Property is a hot topic these days, as the government plans to launch a new housing policy to address the issue of home-ownership in Malaysia. There are three main factors affecting supply and demand in the Malaysian property market: social,

Pulau Jerejak: Former Leper Colony and Prison, Soon To Become a Luxury Island Resort

(Adapted from original article in Forbes by Jim Dobson) Many people have not heard of Pulau Jerejak, much less visited the place, but it will soon be well-known as the latest holiday destination in Malaysia. The tiny island of Jerejak located off the

Stories About Walking Into Strangers’ Houses That Will Make You Say ‘What The H***’

It’s not uncommon in for real estate agents to encounter strange, disturbing or even supernatural situations in their line of work, especially because it involves properties that have a long history, or occupants with unusual habits. This time around, we

Your Questions, Answered: Parking Ownership in Strata Properties (Part 3)

Fed up with the constant parking issues plaguing your condominium or apartment? You’re not alone! Check out the questions in our Questions, Answered section from readers about their car park-related woes, and perhaps you’ll find the solution to yours